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Established in the year 2009, by the holder (Andrea Poldelmengo), driven by the motivation to capitalise his experience, and compete in the market of Direction Consultancy and Company Management, for the development and support to the internationalisation of SMEs.
The years earned working into private enterprises, and the countless contacts with the suppliers of the most varied branch of trade, make him to take an increasing awareness of a jarring contrast between:
-the great potential of SMEs business realities in terms of willing and production capacity
-the widespread lack of a suited organisational structure which, when properly introduced, would certainly optimize the use and investment of resources (people and equipment), ensuring higher margins.
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These short notes are written, to give you some indication about both the navigation structure, and the content of the most significant, menu for navigation:

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SCG-Aziende offers, also in Temporary Management and Telework activities (were planned), specialistic support, in the following areas :
1) Management Area

2) Commercial Area

3) Purchasing Area

4) Production Area

5) Quality Area

For Customers Abroad of Italy :
Availablity to give a direct support from Italy, is also offered for any need of assistance, you should have in your business relations with Italian companies, for activities like : site representative, company verification, check of company requisites,  suitability to meet a specific supply (pre order assignment check), check and reporting of PO progress, verification of compliance to PO spec.s, witnessing and reporting of acceptance tests, check of pre-shipment inspection.

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In the current competition context, the Government of markets is mainly in the hands of big Enterprises. It is to be noticed, however, the Italian economic reality, is characterised by a structural and considerably widespread presence of small enterprises.
If observed with the right lens, this situation, may constitute a crucial opportunity for development. The success factor for survival and the increase in the profitability of small and medium-sized enterprises, is in fact based on their ability to respond to the increasing competitiveness, especially if it is expressed through strategic logics of cooperation.

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